Not enough TOYS for CHRISTMAS? Not quite!

November 05, 2021

Not enough TOYS for CHRISTMAS? Not quite!

There will be a shortage of toys for the holidays!  

Right now this is one of the most shared pieces of information as Christmas approaches, what a great timing, isn't it?  However, this is not quite true. Let's find out where this misconception came from in the first place - and also some alternatives, so that your kids can find still the same joy of unwrapping their long awaited presents!

Christmas without toys? Not really!  

So what are the real reasons for this news?

We will give you TWO problematic reasons:

  1. Late delivery

Asian countries produce a lot of products for the whole world and as you know, when the covid started in China, many facilities that produced a lot of these goodies were temporarily closed down.  Even down, when a covid strain is detected, it causes more close downs and delays: the ports are closed, the cargoes are not unloaded, there is a delay in delivery, therefore maritime transport is operating at slow speed.  

2. Wood, one of the most used materials to make a toy, is out of stock. 

All through the pandemic, we were confined to our homes.  Perhaps this period made you want to take care of and decorate your home sweet home.  Suddenly, there is a strong demand for wood for DIY, but the French industry does not have the capacity to produce as much to meet demand and wood imports are slowing down. 

3 products potentially out of stock.

  1. The Paw Patrol

"This is my nephew's favourite drawing, after his lessons, he puts down his things, sits on the sofa, turns on the TV and watches the paw patrol in replay while singing the credits."

Ryder and his gang of superheroes, the Paw Patrol is always ready to come to the aid of the inhabitants of their towns. They may be unavailable simple BECAUSE they are so adored by your children and in addition,   their last film  released in August 2021 had a big success.

2. LOL Dolls

Children are big fans of LOL dolls surely because of its surprise side effect, they are wrapped in a ball and sometimes accessories are hidden in them and the trend of packing these dolls has made this toy popular. 

3. Harry Potter

"I just found this little bookstore, it's absolutely fabulous.  They are coming out soon volume 2, at the sorcerer's school I started reading to my daughter and she loves '' Thorvastatin

The story of Harry Potter with the flick of a magic wand continues to make us dream and love magic and the wizarding world.

Some options in the face of the toy shortage. 

November is the perfect month to start Christmas shopping, so here are our tips to help you find yourself with little to give:

Don't Hesitate, better be early than miss out!

It's always good to anticipate, to take your time and offer a gift without chasing time to avoid this pressure and the unavailability of a product closer to Christmas Eve.

Used sales

If you're someone who believes in having a more green and sustainable Christmas, you can also shop for your gifts at second hand sites and you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a toy that your children want on one of these sites. 

Local toy store

When you think of Christmas, you have a list of children's toy stores in mind.  And if you commit a crime, that of changing your habits.  There are so many beautiful stores to discover, maybe hiding in one of the alleys of your living quarters.  Try to pay attention to it, and take a walk with your children, see how they interact with the toys. Supporting local businesses is ALWAYS a good idea!

10 gift lists

A top 10 gift is a risky project because you will end up with a lot of toys, but the last idea is that if your kids ask you, a car with a specific model in top 1 and you have a hard time finding it, you can always see their second choice.


You can't always have what you want!

Now that is a very difficult concept to explain to little children. Why not? After all, they have been excited about Christmas all year, to receive the gift, which they imagined holding in their hands, but it is also a beautiful lesson in life: we cannot always have what we want but we will get it one day with patience.  

It's not just Christmas, there are birthdays, rewards for their hard work at school, little achievements or just to make people happy because you love them. Christmas is a lot more than just presents. But if you are struggling to fill up the space under your tree, I hope this helped!

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