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JOONE has decided to opt for transparency and to give you all the informations you need to make a confident decision about our liniment.

JOONE Liniment is available for JOONE subscriber in their secure customer area for only 14,90


Liniment is a natural preparation known for centuries a lot  of French mothers use on their babies’ skin.

Its gentle formula cleans, nourishes and protects baby's delicate skin from birth (for premature babies, please consult your pediatrician).

Our liniment contains  6 ingredients.

We wanted our liniment to be as safe as possible for babies, that's why it contains no preservatives. 

It is hard to mix oil and water to  a homogenous and stable  solution, unless you add some chemical ingredients to stabilize the formula so that it remains usable for 12 or 18 months after opening. But it's exactly what we don't want to do.

For this reason, JOONE liniment  must be used within 3 months after first opening.

If you want to know more about our liniment, click here.