Worst Gifts for Babies for Christmas

November 16, 2021

Worst Gifts for Babies for Christmas

That's it, after a year of waiting the end-of-year celebrations are finally back… And with them the huge task of buying gifts for all your loved ones!

One of the most difficult presents to buy will always be when it comes to the babies in the family. After all, you need to take the parents needs into consideration as well (and avoid getting angry parents for life!

So here's a quick guide on what to avoid when buying presents for the little ones.

1. A plastic toy that rings and flashes

Even if the title itself seems to indicate all the signs to avoid such a present, sometimes the packaging can get the better of you. So just to reiterate: it's a definite no. Besides leading to a numbing migraine for all, especially the parents, until the batteries run out, it's not the most pleasant experience for anyone involved. Parents will curse you for at least 5 years. 😅

The alternative gift:A  wooden toy, which in addition to being more ecological, will allow parents to introduce new materials into their child's play.

2. A xylophone

So, of course, this musical toy  wants to stimulate the baby's senses  … But on the decibel side, it's not really a gift! Infant, most baby instruments are great in theory but can be very painful for the parents in the long run.
Unless the baby is already a budding Mozart, just avoid any musical instrument.

The alternative gift:  A musical book, which will have the advantage of not sounding out of tune while introducing the child to classical symphonies.

3. A (too) original garment

Yes, the last time you saw her baby looked cute in her  Bernard bodysuit  . But keep in mind that tastes and colors are ultimately very personal. And you also don't know what the baby already has in glut in his wardrobe. Do you really want to give him a 15th wool sweater, which he may never wear?

The alternative gift: A gift card to let parents make their choice!

4. A non age-appropriate toy

If you were going to give him a soft toy rattle because he loved the one you gave him last year: it's high time to find another gift idea!

Of course, babies evolve at their own pace ... but we must also accept to see them grow!

The alternative gift: anything that falls within its age group! In general, age recommendations are listed on toy packaging.

5. A baby perfume

While babies' natural scent is the most wonderful in itself, baby fragrances often add that extra touch of cuteness. But beware: as for adults, the choice of perfume for babies is something personal… Are you the best placed to do it?

The alternative gift:  a box of organic cosmetics for babies , for a smell lighter than that of a perfume.

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