Offer a Joone Subscription

Offer a Joone Subscription


What is the best birth present? JOONE suggests an extremely flexible monthly subscription, with monthly deliveries of Nappies + Wippes produced in France.

Do not worry if you are unsure what size or print to choose : the happy parents can choose everything themselves when they make their order.

We will send them a personalised gift card with their exclusive code to use on our site. You can send us a message to write on the card if you wish.

3 months for £159.90instead of £195

6 months for £319.90instead of £385

12 months for £569.90 instead of £779

If you have questions about our products,  please visit our FAQ page. If you are still not sure, do not hesitate to ask using the chat function

If the parents live overseas, do not hesitate to contact us : we deliver all over Europe.