When should I move my baby in their own bedroom?

October 19, 2021

When should I move my baby in their own bedroom?

It is inevitable that as parents, you have eventually set up the “ co-sleeping” for your baby’s first months. However, because it is reassuring for your baby, and because it helps you bond with them … we tend to keep them close for as long as possible. Not to mention the advantages of being in close proximity if you are breastfeeding!

But over time, you may want to find some privacy with your partner… which is absolutely normal! So how do you get your baby to move smoothly from his co-sleeping bed to his own bedroom? We tell you everything.

Find the right time

According to WHO recommendations, babies should sleep in close proximity to their parents for their first 6 months. This facilitates the establishment of  breastfeeding, and would limit the risk of sudden infant death ...
But 6 whole months may seem a bit long for some parents, who may want to be in the privacy of their marital room.

In addition, as a baby approaches 6 months, a baby can become particularly attached to his habits, making  separation even more difficult …

To sum up: you can keep your little one close to you for as long as you want. But the longer you wait, the more difficult the transition is likely to be.

Make sure your baby is ready to move into their own room

There are several signs that your baby is ready to sleep in their own room.

  • He can go alone from the stomach to the back, and from the back to the stomach. Thus, if he rolls over on his stomach in the middle of the night, he will be able to pass by himself on his back.
  • You can also check with your paediatrician that everything is going well with your baby’s growth, and in particular that he no longer needs to be fed in the middle of the night.
  • You can also expect him to be able to sleep at least 6 hours at a stretch. Because if your baby still needs to eat every two hours, you risk finding yourself quickly on your knees ...

Tips for a smooth transition
Secure your baby’s room: Remember the main safety rules: no cot bumper, no duvet but a sleeping bag, a temperature between 19 and 20 degrees, and no lint in the bed.
Establish a bedtime ritual: This will help your baby feel secure when it comes to going to sleep. A well-established ritual will take over from the reassuring presence of the parents.
Use a baby monitor / videophone:  At first, you will probably be a little worried about your baby all alone in his bed… thanks to the baby monitor and / or videophone, you can reassure yourself by keeping an eye on him.
Remember that the little ones feel everything: it’s time to be sure of yourself!
Finally, don’t forget that as with everything, this transition will follow ups and downs… but after several tries, everything will go like clockwork!

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