Why joone ?


JOONE is beyond anything a story about love :

The story of Carole, the founder of MommyVille, the first social network for young mums and future mums  who wanted to find the best way to connect parents together;
But also of Thomas and Lucie who worked with her at MommyVille and who, as parents themselves, wanted to develop products which parents would find useful.
What matters to them is a key set of values: benevolence, radical transparency, and positive business.#DoingWellByDoingGood


JOONE is always looking for innovative ways to manufacture its products while always respecting the brand's strong ethics and commitment to transparency, and high quality.
We aspire to sell irreprochable products for caring parents who long for the truth behind manufacturing and distribution. We daily fight to get such commitment from our partners and manufacturers. We really hope to bridge the gap between products and consumers but adopting a very lean, very transparent approach to the way we do business.  

As a young parent, you don't have the luxury of time to waste surfing the internet looking for informations that is sometimes confusing or inaccurate. We should deliver that info to you along with our products. That's what we daily stand for.




It was very important to us to contribute to the French economy, creating jobs and value in Europe. That is why we chose to make our nappies in France and to have our logistician work in the Lille area, a region where unemployment is particularly high. We are very proud of contributing to our national economy in this way.

We know that our nappies are more expensive than our competitors'.There are plenty of reasons why. The cost of manufacturing in France and not in Eastern Europe or in Asia is much higher. Having greater quality controls or traceability on products also has a cost. Our impeccable customer service also comes at a price. And our very cute prints are also increasing our costs. But mostly, we're the only one on the market right now to offer you much more than a set of nappies. We offer you the truth beyond the walls of our factories.We offer you the in-depth details of our toxicological analysis. We offer you expert and scientists who help you understand how and why your products are manufactured this way. We offer you peace of mind. And that's priceless.


JOONE is a responsible company


Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy reflects our wish to help build a better society, notably by creating the best possible working environment for all members of the JOONE team. Even though we're a small team, we work every day on making our working environment as friendly and stressfree as possible. We promote diversity, and the employment of parents, especially mothers. It only seems logical, but with a higher unemployment rate in any group age for young mothers or expectant mothers, it is also a strong signal sent out to the rest of the industry.

We invite you to read more on the subject in the article which our founder has written for the magazine Maddyness.


JOONE is committed


At JOONE, we want to offer you   the healthiest and most ecologically responsible products possible. We constantly work to improve our products and to obtain certifications and labels. But this process takes time, we ask you just a little more patience :-)

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to buy online a product you have not seen in real life. That is why we publish all parent reviews on our website. Our parents’ faith and love for our products is the best guarantee you can have.




There's no such thing as an organic  or biological  nappy. There is no such thing as a "good for the environment" nappy.
OK, that's out of the way.


So what do we do that's different ?

We're aware that many nappy brands out there are trying to convince parents that their nappies are recyclable, or organic, or made out of cotton, or God-knows-what. JOONE has chosen to be a transparent brand and to give you facts rather than pretty marketing promises. We give you all the details about our toxicological analysis, our manufacturing and retail strategy. We produce a nappy that is as heathy and ecologically responsible as possible, with the shortest carbon footprint on the UK market.