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JOONE has decided to opt for transparency and to give you all the informations you need to make a confident decision about our nappies.

We will tell you everything not just about the price of your JOONE nappies but also about their different component parts.

here is what your nappies include...

We will tell you everything about the components of your nappies
so that you understand why JOONE nappies are so healthy and effective at the same time.

The outer backsheet is where  our pretty patterns are printed on is a very lightly woven polyethylene designed to let the skin breathe as much as possible. It is covered in a hydrophilic non-woven web which gives it a very soft appearance, and is then cut into rolls. It is made in a very high quality factory in Picardy. We use a water-based, solvent-free ink, giving our nappies one fewer chemical component.

Our cushions are made of fluff, a type of wood-derived cellulose.

It is very soft, even if it is not made of cotton. We are currently acquiring FSC certification, so our cellulose is very high quality. The certification process takes between a year and 18 months so we ask our customers to be patient. We have been asked whether our nappies are vegan and the answer is yes, for the simple reason that trees do not eat living organisms.  

The absorbantwe use is called SAP and is used by all nappy manufacturers worldwide. It is the only material in the world which can absorb up to 150 times its weight ! We have developed a unique technology which envelops the SAP in several woven layers of cotton so as to create a real protection barrier while remaining effective in terms of absorption and protection against unpleasant smells

As SAP is not an organic component, our nappies are not organic. We will never repeat this enough : no nappy is organic because all disposable nappies include SAP.

SAP is neither toxic nor dangerous for children.

Our weave allows urine to be better distributed around the nappies and allows the SAP to spread : this means that, once the SAP has reacted with the urine, it should not form a condensed ‘package’ in the nappy.

It is also because of this that our nappies are not the thinnest in the world : it is to better protect your baby’s bottomby making sure it never enters into contact with the SAP, even when the nappy is very full.


... and everything it does not include !

Some industrialists make lists of products not included in their nappies, which in reality are forbidden for use in baby products, both by French law and by the European Commission (which banned parabens in May 2011 and phthalates in September 2014).

In accordance with the law, but above all with our ethical standpoint and our wish to provide the healthiest possible nappies for your children :

our nappies do not include chlorine or latex, lotion or perfume, phthalates, endochrine disruptors, parabens, organotins or any kind of pesticide.

understand what you pay for

We are careful to give you a price without any hidden costs. We will explain exactly what is included because we want to be as transparent as possible about everything, including about money.

The price of £64.90 includes your subscription, our dedicated after-care service and free delivery of your healthy, stylish, French-produced nappies in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.