Revolutionary technology at the service of transparency.

JOONE launches DOORZ, the very first tool that allows, thanks to "blockchain" technology, to trace the entire journey of our products: from raw materials to shipment. A new way to open the doors to transparency!

A unique experience with almost 200 JOONE product references traced on the blockchain, DOORZ is one of the most ambitious traceability initiatives in production in Europe, and certainly in the world.

With DOORZ, we are very proud to accompany you on the paths of absolute transparency. We finally open the doors to manufacturing and distribution.

You will discover the whole history of our JOONE hygiene and cosmetic products made in France or in Europe, in a short circuit in a factory that respects the environment thanks to its use of renewable energies.

Why a traceability tool?

Since our creation in 2017, we have been committed to providing you with transparency and the information you need. This tool allows you, with a single click, from a personalized link for each order, to trace the entire journey of your favorite products.

Knowing what to eat is essential today.

Blockchain, child's play

We should all know what we are consuming and it is possible today thanks to the blockchain. This information storage and transmission technology makes it possible to receive information that is transparent, secure, and never altered.

Thus, all our suppliers feed in real time information on raw materials and production cycles so that you know directly with what, how, and when your products were manufactured.


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I am a customer, how do I access DOORZ?


You can trace your products or orders in two different ways: by product or by order


Click below to use either of the options described in the previous step


Depending what you want to trace, you will need batch or order number

You will need the batch numberof the product.

The batch number is found in the reverse of all our products.

Please change the order example number to match yours.

e.g " 248685134&#/"

Je suis client, comment j'accède à DOORZ ?


J'accède à mon espace client et je clique sur les détails de ma commande.


Je clique sur "D'où vient ce produit ?"


Je découvre le parcours de mon produit : des matières premières jusqu'à l'expédition.


J'accède au détail de chaque étape de la vie de mon produit.

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