True or False: What can we eat when we are pregnant?

September 08, 2021

True or False: What can we eat when we are pregnant?

Food is often one of the main concerns for expectant mothers.
Between the gynecologist who advises us not to gain too much weight, the list of foods to be banned, and sometimes friends and family members who give us wacky advice, all punctuated by the craziest pregnancy desires ... Do you really know all of them foods prohibited when you are pregnant?

1. Eat as much fish as you want


Generally speaking, fish are very interesting from a nutritional point of view: they are full of essential fatty acids, proteins and iodine…
However, certain fish which may contain mercury should be avoided:
- tuna
- swordfish
-  sea  bass
- monkfish
- ray
- halibut
- eel
- carp.
The ideal is to vary the fish consumed as much as possible, favouring certain species such as cod, cod, whiting, mackerel, sardines, mackerel or even herring.

Tip : For the practical side, we do not forget the canned fish which are generally inexpensive, and very interesting from a nutritional point of view.

2. Limit your soy intake


Studies have revealed the presence of   phytoestrogens   (a kind of “natural” endocrine disruptor whose effects have been observed on animals) in soybeans.  As a precaution, we therefore prefer to limit ourselves to one soy-based food per day.

Tip : If you like vegetable drinks, you can vary the pleasures by alternating drinks with almonds, oats or even coconut.

3. Avoid raw meat and fish


Were you addicted to carpaccio, steak tartare and sushi?  You will have to take your pain patiently during your pregnancy! 

Eating raw meat if you are pregnant exposes you and your baby to risks such as toxoplasmosis or listeriosis… Go on, take heart!  Nine months goes quickly ... and your partner will be happy to bring you a good sushi platter in the maternity ward to make up for lost time!

Tip : For sushi fans, you can prepare sushi made with surimi, avocado or cooked shrimp! 

4. A small glass of alcohol every now and then doesn't hurt


All alcohol is prohibited when you are pregnant, even at very low doses. 
Because the alcohol consumed by a pregnant woman passes directly into the blood of the fetus through the placenta. 
The risks are real, even at low doses: malformations, IUGR and low birth weight, developmental problems of the nervous system and long-term intellectual delays… So it's zero, nada, nothing. 

Tip : for your aperitifs, go for a virgin mojito or a non-alcoholic beer without any problem! 

5. Raclette evening: The cheese and the charcuterie are mine!


Cheese is a good source of calcium, essential during pregnancy.  Be careful, however, to choose them pasteurized and to avoid marbled dough to avoid bacteria such as   listeria

When it comes to cold meats, if you are not immune to toxoplasmosis, pates, rillettes and raw ham are generally prohibited if you are pregnant… prefer white ham which is cooked.

Tip : Above 70 ° C, bacteria are eliminated ... Do not hesitate to cook the raclette longer, or even opt for the raclette cheese au gratin in the oven!

6. Drink coffee and tea at will!


Overall, drinks containing caffeine should be consumed in moderation.  Better not to exceed 3 cups of tea and coffee per day and favor drinks without caffeine: rooibos, herbal teas… 
Tip : to vary the pleasures, think of infused waters also called “   detox water  

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