Are Baby Nappies as Safe as They Should Be?

June 09, 2020

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The French National Environmental, Health and Safety Agency (ANSES) has published a very alarming report regarding the safety of baby nappies containing allergenic, toxic and carcinogenic substances. Testing has been conducted on 23 nappy brands selected from ‘the most commonly used’ on the market.  

These substances mainly come from:

  • perfumes (voluntarily added),
  • molecules formed during the manufacturing process (especially dioxins)
  • bleaching with chlorine derivatives.

The following substances have also been found in some diapers:

  • hydrocarbons (PAH) going beyond the authorized thresholds,
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • formaldehyde,
  • pesticides (in particular glyphosate, classified as probable carcinogen).

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ANSES acknowledges that these substances are dangerous and specifies that it is necessary to take into account the health risks linked to their presence in nappies (which a baby carries almost permanently for almost 3 years). To limit the presence of these pollutants, ANSES recommends banning perfuming substances, having a better control on the origin of raw materials used, and over the manufacturing processes.

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Faced with these alarming results, JOONE's founder Carole Juge Llewellyn responds:

“Since the creation of JOONE in 2017, we were the first to commit to a full transparency policy, being the first brand of diapers in the world to publish the entire toxicological analyses of our baby diapers.

Our commitment to this very strict transparency policy has finally the gained awareness amongst public authorities.

The French National Consumers’ Association has already praised our work by ranking our diapers first place in August 2018. The publication of this report encourages us to maintain our efforts in terms of supply, distribution and mindset. "

As a reminder, the French National Consumers’ Association magazine published a large comparative study on baby diapers in September 2018, in which JOONE was ranked number 1 scoring 17/20. The magazine had highlighted impeccable composition, without toxic products for baby. The organic liniment and organic olive oil wipes also received the highest score.

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