The Most Common Misconceptions about Maternity

September 20, 2021

The Most Common Misconceptions about Maternity

The pregnancy test has barely shown the "+ +" and now everyone (great-aunt, friend, pharmacist, distant cousin, baker) is offering their advice and above all, their own truths about pregnancy and motherhood.  But it's important to remember: the truth is sometimes a little more watered down than people make it sound...

1. “You'll see: childbirth is the best day of your life!”

So yes, it will be beautiful, it will even be wonderful. You will probably remember this day as one of the most incredible moments of your life. 
But childbirth can also hold some less pleasant surprises: 48 hours of labor, emergency cesarean section, episiotomy…and also the whole experience of being so vulnerable in front of a bunch of people who have never met before. It can be quite a traumatising experience.
The good news   is that you forget everything as soon as you hear your baby cry out for the first time! But that doesn't mean that you have to disregard how difficult the experience itself is. 

2. “It will come naturally”

If for some young mothers, everything is simple from the first glance, for others it can be a little more complicated ... Between the implementation of breastfeeding which can take time in the maternity ward, a baby with intense needs, short nights, the baby blues… each woman deals with her story and her experience in her own unique way.  Wouldn't it be better to say to a mother-to-be:
"You're going to grope, maybe make a mistake, but you'll get there."  

"Listen to yourself, and stay confident! "

3. “Breastfeeding will make you lose all your pregnancy pounds”

Yes, breastfeeding   can   help some new mothers bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight faster. 
But while it works for some women, there is no rule that it works for everyone... Because as a side effect of breastfeeding, some bodies might also start storing more fat, essential for the production of milk.
Ultimately, it's like parenting in general: every mom is different and your experience with breastfeeding is bound to be just as unique. 

3. “A baby sleeps a lot during the day, you will be able to rest!”

In theory,   as our referent pediatrician explains to us  : between 0 and 3 months, a baby sleeps between 4 and 8 p.m. per 24-hour period. 
In practice: each baby is different, and can sleep in 30-minute phases interspersed with micro-awakenings.  And not be stuck on the day / night alternation until the 3rd month.
The good news : Breastfeeding your baby will produce endorphins that will help you fall back to sleep more easily at night  (We console ourselves as best we can). 

4. “Pregnancy is a wonderful time!”

In theory: you carry life, you feel the movements of this long-awaited baby,   your skin glows  and your   curves are flattering
In practice: you may experience   nausea  and various pregnancy ailments which can transform this “honeymoon” into a “trek in the desert”. 
The good news:   If the first trimester of pregnancy can be filled with minor pregnancy ailments, they usually subside as the second trimester approaches ...

5. “It's going to get easier and easier, you'll see!”

It's true: over the months, your baby's sleep will settle down and you will find a little time for your relationship, even a sketch of social life.
For all that, can we say that things are "easier"? 
They are simply   different , and if each age brings new good surprises, it is also accompanied by very specific difficulties: colic,   teething , the   Terrible Two , the arrival of a little brother,   the acquisition of cleanliness  ...

7. “The first year is horrible!”

So of course, there are those who embellish… but there are also those who dramatize!
It is true that you will certainly be a little overwhelmed by    the diapers to change,   the sorrows to be consoled, the thousand and one challenges in the life of parents, but it is worth it.  It will certainly be one of the biggest challenges of your motherhood but it will certainly be one of the most beautiful ❤️

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