The "Miracle" Massage That Helps Babies Fall Asleep

July 21, 2021


We are all aware of how relaxing a good massage can be.  Wouldn't we all love to give everything up for a day at the spa?  Well imagine that for babies, it's all the same!   Massaging a baby will allow you to form   an emotional bond  with him, and relax and soothe them at the same time.  

According to Adeline, our referring pediatric nurse, the best time to massage a baby would be in the evening, after a bath and just before going to bed.  She also advises us on these 3 main massage gestures for babies, which would allow them to fall asleep easier ...

Shall we try the experiment?


1. Start with the legs.

Place your little one on his changing table or on a bed, very comfortably.  The baby should not be cold: you can leave him in a bodysuit or a onesie, covered with his bath cap or a small swaddle.

To perform the massage, you can use a   moisturizing milk  or a baby massage oil, it's up to you.  Grab their little thighs between your hands, and slowly descend to her calves.  Repeat this gesture 3 to 6 times, until you feel her legs relax.  You can then work your way down to their soles, where you can make small circular motions with your thumbs.  

As Adeline says: The feet have a multitude of nerve endings, and just with them, you will be able to relax a large part of your baby's small body!  Magic.

2. Then massage your baby's arms

As with the legs, you can grab her little arms between your hands and massage them, slowly working your way down to her forearms.  Then you run over the palms of their hands, just like you did on their feet.  A little rub on the palms and fingers is the perfect finishing touch.


3. Finish with a massage of your baby's back.

Gently place your baby on his tummy.  Using the tips of the fingers, make small rotating movements, while going down along his back.  Repeat this three times.  Then, with your thumbs, make small movements starting from his spine outwards.

Thanks to these movements, you will certainly see your child calm down as the massage progresses… and maybe he will even fall asleep in your hands!  In this case, all you have to do is put it in its sleeping bag, and let it escape into Morpheus' arms! 

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