The Best Advice from Moms to Avoid Postpartum Hair Loss

August 24, 2021

The Best Advice from Moms to Avoid Postpartum Hair Loss

In figures, it is estimated that over 50% of women lose a lot of hair within 3 months of the birth of their baby!
Although this form of “postpartum alopecia” is quite classic and reversible, it often worries young mothers… Because for many, having pretty hair is a symbol of femininity, that we can be in a hurry to find again afterwards.

9 months pregnant. 

But why this hair loss after childbirth?  

And how to remedy it effectively?

We interviewed moms in the JOONE community , who tell us about this phenomenon and give us their best advice.

Why do people lose their hair after giving birth?

During pregnancy, the estrogen level increases massively in pregnant women, which prolongs the life of her hair.  For 9 months, they are therefore more vigorous, thicker and shinier.
But at the time of childbirth, this estrogen level will suddenly drop ... dragging your pretty mane with it!  This is called a   reaction drop   .

The arrival of a baby is often a stressful stage for mothers.  In addition to fatigue (linked to   lack of sleep  when   returning  to   work  …) this can lead to hair loss.

Postpartum  hair   loss  :   JOONE mothers testify  ...

“I felt like I had a 'sun crown' on my scalp, due to the lack of hair on the top of my head!”
Laura H.

“Tonight, I felt jealousy for my brush, which had more hair than me!”
Tiffany M.

“I could make cushions with them so much I lose them!  I will end up finding myself bald… ”
Jessica M.

“ Two months after giving birth and for 4 months after, there is also the period of regrowth: we are then covered with little hair! ”

The best tips from moms to prevent hair loss and regrow hair after childbirth

  I did an oral  and topical   anti-hair loss treatment  over 3 months.  Already, at the end of a month we see the end of the fall.
Mélanie M.

“I took vitamin B5 / B6 / B8 supplements as soon as I gave birth to prevent reactive hair loss.  Compared to my first pregnancy, I saw a difference! ”
Soline F.

“I applied castor oil in a scalp massage twice a week.  This oil is a bit thick and sticky, so not always very easy to handle.  But it helps the hair to grow faster, because it activates the capillary microcirculation! ”
Lucie D.

“Three months after giving birth… I did a cure against hair loss, suddenly… because it scared me too much!”
Viviche M.

“Brewer's yeast can work!  
Sophie D.

And you, do you have other   miracle hair loss remedies  ?  Do not hesitate to share them with us!

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