Expert Opinion: Why Using Liniment During Diaper Change Is Best for Your Baby!

August 10, 2021

Expert Opinion: Why Using Liniment During Diaper Change Is Best for Your Baby!

It can be quite difficult for young parents to know which products to use during their baby's diaper  change.  What if the ideal solution is the Liniment?  Adeline, our referent pediatric nurse, tells us all about this ancestral recipe and its many benefits.  

The liniment: A simple and ancient recipe

Liniment  is a mixture of lime water and vegetable oil.  It is a very old recipe that was used to treat burns.  Its virtues are numerous and is based on simple chemistry between the ingredients!  The mixture has a basic pH due to the presence of lime, whereas baby's urine and stools have an acidic pH.

The chemical reaction is very simple: mixing an “acidic pH” with a “basic pH” results in a “neutral pH”, like that of water. 

Thus, the baby's buttocks are not attacked by variations in pH and remain healthy and protected all day every day!  This property of the liniment is unique to the product, one that enable is to naturally protect the skin in all circumstances.

The liniment is also composed of olive oil: a natural fatty substance which will hydrate the skin and leave a protective film against external aggressions.

Use consistently for the baby's skin to stay protected

To maximise its virtues, the liniment must be used each time the diaper is changed.

It is applied with cotton or a clean cloth and it is not rinsed.  It is not necessary to give the bum a little rise  before the application of the liniment, except obviously if the stools are overflowing.

There is also no need to use a diaper cream after application either, even if the seat is damaged.  The liniment has identical and healthier protective properties due to its absolutely natural composition without any petroleum derivative.

For your baby's bottom, but not only!

Liniment can also be used to massage your baby!
All you need to do is warm a pump of liniment in your hands and massage the desired part of the body. The skin will stay well hydrated and protected from external aggressions.

Can be used daily!
The liniment is a natural moisturiser that can be used daily on your baby's body, and even that of mom or dad!

Provides protection against milk crusts. 
The liniment also works wonders for removing crusts. When the baby goes to bed, put a thick layer of liniment on the affected areas and massage gently to allow the product to penetrate. Let sit overnight. The next morning, gently run the comb or brush through baby's hair and then bathe to remove excess products. The milk crusts then disappear as if by magic! 

Some tips for choosing your liniment:

Choose an oleo-limestone liniment with the shortest possible list of ingredients (fragrance-free, preservative-free, etc.) to avoid possible allergic reactions.

Joone organic liniment  contains only 6 ingredients!  We have chosen to add sunflower oil to olive oil, because it has a high content of linoleic acid: it is regenerating, restructuring and improves cell renewal.  Its very gentle formula is preservative-free and 100% healthy.  What if you let yourself be tempted?

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