Everything you've never been told about childbirth

September 08, 2021

Everything you've never been told about childbirth

As the saying goes,   childbirth is the only blind date where you are sure to meet the love of your life.   Yes.  But not only.

Because when we lived it, we know very well that we had nevertheless hidden a certain number of things, that we would (perhaps) have liked to know before ..

For example:

1. Your private parts will be visited!

Midwife, gynaecologist, day shift and night shift, maybe even your partner… If you are the modest type, you should perhaps specify certain things in your   birth plan !

2. The urinary catheter, a classic in childbirth

the numbing effect of the epidural can suppress the urge to urinate, so the expectant mother does not know when her bladder needs to be emptied.  Especially since it will tend to fill up quickly because of the products injected by infusion.
No epidural without catheter, therefore.  So even if it means choosing ...

3. And this well-kept secret ...

Oh yes, you hardly dare to think about it, but in fact… Almost 90% of women who give birth will have a “little accident” when the baby is expelled.  But hey, if that can reassure you, the nursing staff will be largely used to the phenomenon - and you will not even notice it!

4. The epidural, sometimes it does not work ...

All women are different when it comes to pain and analgesics… So yes, it happens that the epidural does not work correctly, that it is insufficient or even that it only works on one side!
The good news is that there are alternative methods of pain relief 💕

5. Epidurals can have side effects after childbirth

Numbness of the legs, migraines, drops in blood pressure, nausea ... manifestations that are not serious, even more with the team of caregivers at your service to avoid any complications!

6. Your partner might go crazy

Demand that you spoon jam to give you strength (this is real life).  And maybe even go crazy!
But you have to forgive them: it's a very intense moment for them too, after all!

7. Childbirth can take a long time ...

On average, the delivery of a first child lasts about 7 hours (excluding pre-labor).  But speaking of pre-labor, did you know that some women can have up to 3 days of painful contractions   before labor really starts  ?

8. And after the baby, it starts again!

About 10 - 20 minutes after childbirth, when you think you are “liberated, delivered…” what is called “   deliverance   begins  .  Not the one you expected, no.  It is the return of uterine contractions, this time to expel the placenta.
But all is well: you will normally still have the effects of the epidural at this time!

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After that, we promise, you will go to rest and enjoy your baby 💕

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