Best Tips for Planning a Beach Day with a Baby!

June 30, 2021

Best Tips for Planning a Beach Day with a Baby!

Summer is here and many of us have already made our   first trip to the beach! But before you decide to bring your   baby on their first beach day, there are some golden rules that will help you make the day safe and enjoyable for everyone! 

Baby on the beach: watch out for the sun

Even though it may seem obvious to you, it is important to remember that spending so much time in the sun is dangerous for your   baby's fragile skin. This is why it is so important to prepare for adequate protection so that your baby can enjoy the beach without any harm:

  • An   anti-uv t-shirt  and a hat, which will allow the baby to discover the joys of water while being protected.
  • Suitable sunglasses! There are glasses with "headbands" that attach behind the head (to avoid a treasure hunt in the sand of-course :D)
  • An   anti-uv tent  to let them play quietly in the shade without risk of   sunburn  ... and maybe even allow them to take a little nap, who knows?

The ideal changing bag for a baby on the beach

A   day at the beach  is pretty much synonymous with full day away from home. And with a little one beside you, that can be quite challenging. It is therefore so important to   prepare  and bring a fairly   complete (but light) changing bag to avoid any "accidents" or be equipped for any emergencies.

Our advice: Start with the basics. Bring a few "classic" layers for when your baby is not in the water. Bath diapers do not retain urine, and you could quickly find your towels all wet! And of course, don't forget to bring a small package of wipes, very convenient to easily clean small hands full of sand!

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Time for a picnic, what about the baby?

If you're planning a   picnic on the beach, one of best things to bring along are the puree sachets and pouches that will help you avoid finding sand everywhere in the little pots and airtight boxes. If your child is taller, think   finger food! For example, you can cook   delicious vegetable madeleines:  easy to transport, they're a delight for everyone on board!

There are also bottles of yogurt or rice pudding, for calcium intake. For DME enthusiasts, you can also opt for fruits such as watermelon or melon that is pre-cut: they will help keep baby fresh and hydrated while providing good nutrients!

Don't forget about hydration!

As much as we love the beach, the sun, the wind and all the heat promote dehydration. Pack multiple bottles of water for you and the little one. You can also easily prepare milk bottles with mineral water at room temperature. Don't bother with a travel bottle warmer!

If you are breastfeeding, it's a smart decision to offer them breastmilk as often as possible for optimal hydration. In case of strong heat, your milk adapts and becomes more thirst-quenching.

Baby's eaten some  sand, should you call the Doctor?

Toddlers are often very curious and love to explore the world with their mouths! By playing in the sand, it is very possible that some of it ends up in your baby's tummy, either voluntarily or just because he has put his hands in his mouth.

If this happens, don't worry: the amount ingested is usually very minimal and risk-free! Rinse his mouth with clear water and explain that it is not edible... and it is better to stick with a compote!


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